Access PixMiller with

Background Removal API

curl -L -X POST "" \
-H 'X-Api-Key:YOUR_API_KEY' \
-F 'image_file=@path/to/img.jpg' \
-F 'size=full'


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By default, a newly created account will have 1 free High Resolution If you want to test our API, feel free to contact us, we will add free high resolution credits to your account.


Use the following code samples to get started quickly.


Getting back to the parameters reference to adjust the request.

$ curl -X POST "" \
    -H "X-Api-Key: YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" \
    -F "image_file=@path/to/img.jpg" \
    -F "size=full"

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What images are supported via API?
You can upload any PNG/JPEG/JPG or BMP image with up to 10 megabytes. The image resolution should less than 50 megapixels (with long side between 32 pixels and 10000 pixels). Images must have a subject that is clearly meant to be the foreground, such as a person, car or product.
What is "size" mean?
You can use 'auto' or 'preview' to get preview image with watermark, OR 'full' to get Full HD image with 1 credit.
At what rate can I process images?
You can process up to 10 images per minute through the API. Feel free to contact us if you need a higher rate.