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About PixMiller

Our mission is to make tools as tools, just simply and usefully for people. And tools would be cheap. That’s what we would like to say ;-)

Use AI As Tools

We use AI to solve people's problems so that they can stop performing boring and repetitive tasks, leaving more time to think of fun ideas, do more interesting and creative things, spend time with their families, and so on.

AI Should Be Used By Everyone

AI becomes a good tool to use, but it should not be used by only a few people, so good AI tools should be widely distributed and available to people at a relatively low price.

Making Complex Things Simple

We believe that AI is to make complex things simple. As we all know, in most scenarios, AI requires complex algorithms and lots of data for training and tuning, and once the models and results are made available for production environment, then things become simple; there are many simple process-oriented things in human's daily work and life, and finding and using AI to solve relevant scenarios will bring good results, such as the thing which PixMiller does.